Research Interests

I am interested in understanding the nucleation and growth kinetics, from theoretical and experimental aspects, in multicomponent alloys and their effect on the macroscopic properties at various length scales. This helps in understanding the processing-properties-performance relationship triangle of any material for engineering applications. It involves tools from electron imaging, texture analysis, non destructive testing, and advanced characterization techniques. Due to my interest in fundamental understanding of macroscopic properties like thermal, electrical and magnetic properties, I am looking forward to pursue my PhD in materials science specializing in condensed matter physics

Research Projects

Development of novel grain refinement method for B319 aluminum alloy
  • Conducted controlled experiments to test a novel grain refinement method by the addition of micron sized pre-alloyed TiC powder into the aluminum melt
  • Presence of Ti and C in prealloyed TiCpowder restricts their availability to form undesired carbides and TiAl3 that readily forms during in-situ formation of TiC
  • Characterization of the as cast samples showed a significant reduction in grain size and improvement in mechanical properties
  • TEM characterization will be carried out at IISc Bangalore for complete explanation of grain refinement mechanism
Evaluation of residual strain and texture in chill cast samples
  • Wedge shaped castings prepared with different chill conditions: copper chill, water cooled copper chill and delayed water cooled chill, were evaluated for residual strain measurement using neutron diffraction
  • It has been observed that chill condition significantly modify residual strain and grain orientation and thus mechanical properties of the as-cast alloy
  • AUTO21 funded this project to analyse the application extent of "Active Chill" technology for fabricating automotive cylinder heads, engine crankcases and other autmotive materials
Calculation of residual entropy of Antiferromagnetic Ising spin model on Kagome Lattice
  • Studied the spin-spin interaction in frustrated antiferromagnetic material at absolute zero temperature
  • Theoretically calculated the ground state entropy by considering nearest neighbours and next nearest neighbours interaction through Monte Carlo simulation in fortran
Effect of pulse current ratio on densification in Spark Plasma Sintering
  • Designed and conducted controlled experiments to access the effect of pulse on:off ratio on the sintering mechanism
  • Instantaneous power rating and characterization of as sintered discs have shown a significant change in hardness and densification profile, however, density was surprisingly unaffected
  • We are still exploring suitable characterization paramters to explain this anomalous behavior at varying pule ratio
Copper extraction from industrial waste (B. Tech Project)
  • Designed a recovery process to extract Cu from the industrial waste generated from finishing of brazed joints
  • Characterization of the waste for elemental analysis by X ray Diffraction and chemical analysis
  • Recovered brass from the chips by direct melting in induction furnace at 1100 C and copper by cementation process
Modeling HiSmelt process-innovative alternate of blast furnace
  • Studied a single step process of producing iron by direct reduction of iron ore by non-coking coals using hot air blast
  • Understood solid –liquid, liquid-gas reduction reaction mechanisms and heat and mass transfer mechanisms involved
  • Simulated HiSmelt process by using Flowbal software for ore and coal injection, hot air blast temperature & velocity