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Bayesian Data Analyses

Click here for the R code and output for the Bayesian data analyses that were described in the following article:

O'Connor, B. P. (2017). A first steps guide to the transition from null hypothesis significance testing to more accurate and informative Bayesian analyses. Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, 49(3), 166-182.

The links below provide R code and output for Bayesian analyses of the example datasets that are used in the following textbook:

Field, A., Miles, J., & Field, Z. (2012). Discovering statistics using R. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

The R code was produced in collaboration with Dylan Ermacora.

This page in incomplete and is currently under construction.


R code

R output

Chapter 6: Correlation

Ch6_Correlation.R Ch6_Correlation.txt

Chapter 7: Regression

Ch7_Regression.R Ch7_Regression.txt

Chapter 8: Logistic Regression

Ch8_Logistic.R Ch8_Logistic.txt

Chapter 9: Comparing two means

Ch9_Two_Means.R Ch9_Two_Means.txt

Chapter 10: Comparing several means (ANOVA)

Ch10_ANOVA.R Ch10_ANOVA.txt

Chapter 11: Analysis of covariance


Chapter 12: Factorial ANOVA

Ch12_Factorial_ANOVA.R Ch12_Factorial_ANOVA.txt

Chapter 13: Repeated Measures

Ch13_Repeated_Measures.R Ch13_Repeated_Measures.txt

Chapter 14: Mixed designs

coming soon coming soon

Chapter 16: MANOVA


Chapter 17: Exploratory factor analysis

Ch17_Factor_Analysis.R Ch17_Factor_Analysis.txt

Chapter 18: Categorical data

Ch18_Categorical_Data.R Ch18_Categorical_Data.txt

Chapter 19: Multilevel linear models

Ch19_Multilevel_Models.R Ch19_Multilevel_Models.txt

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