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Course Calendar/Lab Manual - updated July 23, 2017

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Apr. 5 - Lecture slides: Here are the slides (.pdf) that will be shown in the last PHYS 232 lecture. The slides are of a ''Hit & Miss'' Monte Carlo integration implemented in Maple.

If you would like to play with it, here is the actual:
Maple file (.mw).

These files can also be accessed by visiting the:
Maple tutorial website.

To see the same problem solved using MATLAB, visit the:
MATLAB tutorial website.

Apr. 3 - Practice Finals: There are three practice final exams from previous years at the bottom of this page. To prepare for the PHYS 232 final exam, you are encouraged to try these problems and compare your solutions to the solutions provided.

There are a couple of minor topics that we did not cover this year, so there are some problems in the practice finals that you would not be expected to be able to do:

2013 - For problem 8 we only discussed the "Hit & Miss" method. You can do this problem, but you would need to discuss the "Hit & Miss" method. We did not discuss the so-called "f-average" Monte Carlo method.

2014 - Problem 6 deals with errors in x. We did not discuss this type of problem in class so you would not be expected to answer this type of problem.

2015 - Problem 8 deals with the f-average Monte Carlo method. We did not discuss this method and you would not be expected to answer this type of problem.

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Mar. 28 - Assignment #6:
Nonlinear Fits:
Assignment #6

This assignment won't be collected or graded, it is provided soley for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Mar. 22 - Due Dates: Here are the remaining lab due dates:

Experiment #5 Lab Notebook:
L01 - Thursday, March 29 by noon
L02 - Tuesday, March 27 by noon

Formal Lab Report:
L01 & L02 - Friday, April 6 at 12:30

Mar. 22 - Public Lecture: On Saturday, Mar. 24 starting at 19:00 at the Okanagan Innovation Centre Theatre Dr. Mark Halpern will present a public lecture entitled

"CHIME: Listening to Tunes from a Toddler Universe and Characterizing Dark Energy in the Okanagan".

See the linked poster for more information.

Mar. 22 - Cosmology Talk: On Friday, Mar. 23 from 14:00 - 15:30 in ART 214 Dr. Mark Halpern will present a talk entitled

"CHIME, the Canadain Hydrogen Intensity-Mapping Experiment".

See the linked poster for the abstract.

Mar. 22 - Assignment #5:
Linear-in-Parameter Fits:
Assignment #5

Due Wednesday, Apr. 4 @ 12:30

Mar. 22 - Final Exam: You may bring the following items to the final exam:

-A calculator. Anything that can't go online. Graphing calculators are fine.

-A hand-written formula sheet. You may write whatever you want on a sinlge 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper (letter size). You can use both sides.

-A ruler for drawing straight lines.

Mar. 22 - Final Exam: The PHYS 232 final exam has been scheduled:

Thursday, Apr. 12
13:00 - 16:00
EME 2181

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Feb. 27 - Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapter 8
Feb. 27 - Assignment #4:
Weighter Linear Fits:
Assignment #4

Due Wednesday, Mar. 14 @ 12:30

Feb. 26 - Relatviity Talk: On Thursday, Mar. 8 from 19:00 - 21:00 at The Well Dr. Ben Tippett will present a talk entitled "The Physics of Time Travel". See the linked poster.
Feb. 22 - CAP Lecture: On Monday, Mar. 5 from 2:00 - 3:30 in ART 386 Dr. Clark from the Queen's University will present a research talk entitled "Dark Matter: How to Hunt for the Unknown". See the linked poster to read the abstract of the talk.

This talk is co-sponsored by the Canadian Association of Physcists (CAP) and is designed to be accessible to students studying undergraduate physics. You're strongly encouraged to attend this presentation.

Feb. 4 - Assignment #3:
More on Probability Distribtuions:
Assignment #3

Due Friday, Feb. 23 @ 12:30

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Jan. 31 - Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapters 11 & 7
Jan. 31 - Stirling's Approximation: Some notes on Stirling's Approximation (.pdf).
(An approximation for N! in the limit that N is large.)
Jan. 25 - Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapters 5 & 10
Jan. 25 - Assignment #2:
Binomial & Gaussian Distribtuions:
Assignment #2
Maple worksheet (.mw) for problem #2

Due Friday, Feb. 9 @ 12:30

Jan. 10 - Bessel's Correction: Some notes on Bessel's Correction (.pdf).
(Why N-1 in the standard deviation of a sample population?)
Jan. 5 - Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapters 3 & 4
Jan. 5 - Fourier Series: Here's the Fourier series expansion of a square wave that was shown in class.

Maple file (.mw)
pdf of Maple file (.pdf)

Jan. 5 - Assignment #1:
Fourier Series:
Assignment #1
Due Wednesday, Jan. 17 @ 12:30
Calculus Review: Here is a little review exercise of basic calculus. This is not an assignment to be handed in, but you should be comfortable with all of the problems in this exercise. If you're not, you should review the concepts that you find challenging.
Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapters 1 & 2
Formal Report: The formal report is due at the beginning of the last lecture:

Friday, April 6 at 12:30 in ART 203 - no exceptions.

For information about the formal report format and marking guidelines see the entries below.

Formal Marking Scheme: Here is a general formal report marking scheme.

The total maximum length of the formal report is 8 pages. This includes cover sheet, figures, references, ...

Note that you do not have to follow the suggested format exactly. Organize your formal report in the way that you find most suitable.

Sample Formal Report: Here is a sample formal report from SFU.
Laboratory Safety (.pdf): Read the following short document before coming to the first laboratory: Safety Guidelines
Course Syllabus (.pdf): PHYS 232 Syllabus

Past Final Exams & Solutions

PHYS 232 - 2013 final exam
PHYS 232 - 2013 final exam sol'ns
PHYS 232 - 2014 final exam
PHYS 232 - 2014 final exam sol'ns
PHYS 232 - 2015 final exam
PHYS 232 - 2015 final exam sol'ns

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