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Room: SCI 241
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Course Calendar/Lab Manual - updated July 23, 2017

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Jan. 10 - Bessel's Correction: Some notes on Bessel's Correction (.pdf).
(Why N-1 in the standard deviation of a sample population?)
Jan. 5 - Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapters 3 & 4
Jan. 5 - Fourier Series: Here's the Fourier series expansion of a square wave that was shown in class.

Maple file (.mw)
pdf of Maple file (.pdf)

Jan. 5 - Assignment #1:
Fourier Series:
Assignment #1
Due Wednesday, Jan. 17 @ 12:30
Calculus Review: Here is a little review exercise of basic calculus. This is not an assignment to be handed in, but you should be comfortable with all of the problems in this exercise. If you're not, you should review the concepts that you find challenging.
Recommended Reading: Taylor - Chapters 1 & 2
Formal Report: The formal report is due at the beginning of the last lecture:

Friday, April 6 at 12:30 in ART 203 - no exceptions.

For information about the formal report format and marking guidelines see the entries below.

Formal Marking Scheme: Here is a general formal report marking scheme.

The total maximum length of the formal report is 8 pages. This includes cover sheet, figures, references, ...

Note that you do not have to follow the suggested format exactly. Organize your formal report in the way that you find most suitable.

Sample Formal Report: Here is a sample formal report from SFU.
Laboratory Safety (.pdf): Read the following short document before coming to the first laboratory: Safety Guidelines
Course Syllabus (.pdf): PHYS 232 Syllabus

Past Final Exams & Solutions

PHYS 232 - 2013 final exam
PHYS 232 - 2013 final exam sol'ns
PHYS 232 - 2014 final exam
PHYS 232 - 2014 final exam sol'ns
PHYS 232 - 2015 final exam
PHYS 232 - 2015 final exam sol'ns

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